Cycles is a step sequencer concept for crafting complex and experimental percussion patterns. Cycles uses a combination of user-defined step sequencing with semi-algorithmic note repetitions and modulation. These are mockup screenshots as a proof of concept, so you won't find this in the App Store—but maybe someday!

Browser-Based UI

iPad UI

Early Mockup

Traditional step sequencers are replaced with radial cycles that allow the user to specify the number of beats, note locations and several cycle parameters. Patterns can be as traditional or as experimental as desired — stick with straight 4/4 time or mix up your cycle beats for complex polyrhythms. Adjust timing and playback repetitions of individual cycles to disconnect, shuffle or mutate rhythms.

Individual notes have a note repeat function with detailed automated controls for properties like filter cutoff/resonance, pitch and note length. These note repeats allow for the creation of complex and unexpected patterns with a minimal amount of individual programming. Various modulation curves allow for gradual value changes or extreme rubber band and bounce effects.

Traditional track controls such as volume, muting and soloing are handled with multitouch gestures and physical cycle proximities.
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